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  • The park is a natural space and as such, some areas are not accessible for visitors with disabilities, nor wheelchairs or baby carriages. For the same reason, it is not recommended the visit  with cardiorespiratory problems or other physical limitations.
  • We recommend confortable footwearfor the visit, avoiding specially slippers, sandals, high heels etc.
  • Dogs on leashes are allowed at the natural Park, except for the area of Birds of Prey. They are not allowed at the visit of the Cistercian Monastery.
  • The access ticket to Monasterio de Piedra must be purchased at authorized sales points. This ticket gives the right to enjoy the free tour of the Park and the guided tour of the XIIIthcentury Cistercian Monastery, the day of the visit.
  • Information about the different  access tickets available, prices, promotions and conditions,can be found on the official website of Monasterio de Piedra (monasteriopiedra.com), as well as in the area of the ticket office sale and other authorized sales points. Promotions and discounts are not accumulative, except for those which conditions expressly say so.
  • Monasterio de Piedra reserves the right of admission to, and expulsion from, the whole of its facilities, according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Professional video reports and professional photography are not allowed without the express permission of Monasterio de Piedra, S.A.
  • For your safety and to guarantee that you fully enjoy all the areas, you must only walk through the recommended itineraries within the park, respecting all the signs and guidelines.
  • For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is not allowed access to the Park carrying food. It is also forbidden to drink or eat at the Cistercian Monastery, as well as in the other areas of our premises  where it is expressly indicated.
  • It is also not allowed to enter the park, Cistercian Monastery, Hotel, Restaurant and Store, barefoot or barechested.
  • According to the law, smoking is prohibited in all the closed spaces within the grounds of Monasterio de Piedra and in all those spaces that even being outdoors, are marked as smoke-free zones.
  • Do not throw coins into the river and do not collect rocks, plants or animals.It affects the ecosystem. Do not take architectural elements either.
  • During the Birds of Prey exhibition, always follow the instructions of the birds caregivers and do not do photos with flash, because it could harm the birds vision.
  • Monasterio de Piedra offers a free parking area for vehicles, but our Resort will not be responsible if any possible damage is caused to them, including the loss of objects inside the vehicle, being full and only responsibility of the owner.
  • Monasterio de Piedra reserves the right to change the opening and closing hours of the Park, Monastery, Restaurants and Shop, as well as to cancel the operation of shows or guided tours under exceptional circumstances, justified by security, weather, technical or operational reasons amongst others. In these cases, there will be no right to refund of the entrance fee . In any case, visitors may obtain information about these exceptional changes at the Customer Service.
  • Monasterio de Piedra reports that it is not allowed to use drones and remotely piloted aircraft across the whole site, according to  current regulations.