What areas of the Monastery can I visit?

Almost all of them, from the Old Church to the Cloister and all its dependencies (among others).

In the Refectory you will find the exact replica of the Reliquary Triptych altarpiece of the Monasterio de Piedra, a Mudejar Gothic jewel of the  14th century. The original piece is kept at the Royal Academy of History, in Madrid.

In the old Convent Kitchen you can enjoy a permanent exhibition of the history of chocolate. According to legend, delicious cocoa was introduced in Europe by a monk from this monastery and in this same kitchen it was first cooked in the old continent.

You will also visit the old cellar of the monks which still has its original structure and is today our Wine Museum D.O. Calatayud.

Our guides offer a detailed visit around the Abbey, but there are other halls and spaces of the ancient monastery that you can discover if you decide to stay at the beautiful three-star Monument Hotel, which is integrated in the same building of the Monastery. If your visit is short, you may then enjoy a delicious meal at the “Reyes de Aragón” Restaurant, set in the old monks shared bedroom, also inside the hotel.

What is the Historic Garden Park of Monasterio de Piedra?

Thought by man but done by the Piedra River, it is a closed space that offers an unforgettable tour, walking along the river and its streams, through spectacular waterfalls and lush vegetation of exceptional diversity.

Centenarian trees host countless species of fauna and flora, within a surprising lively ecosystem.

It is  about a 4km walk which includes footpaths, tracks, stairs and bridges, that go up and down and along which you find stunning waterfalls such as the “Cola de Caballo”, (the Horsetail), wich is over 50m high. Through an amazing stairway, you can descend to its bowles, and discover the almost magical Iris Grotto.

It is a low-medium difficulty route, but you have all day to visit and by showing your ticket you can enter and leave the Historic Garden Park as many times as you wish. To do this, before leaving, you have to go to the main entrance and they will stamp a control seal on your ticket. You may do so to eat something and regain your energy, because food is not allowed in the Park.

At its lower end you will find vending machines with drinks and a children’s playing area.

Just for a day or better for a whole weekend?

You can come for a day or even just stop on your  way to somewhere else. The facilities include two free parking areas (unguarded), restaurants, bars, cafeteria with terrace, souvenir shop, children’s playing area and vending machines. Everything near and  easy so that you can take full profit of your time.

But if you decide to come and spend a few days here, you will discover even a deeper magic, enjoying all of its peace and comfort at the Monument Hotel, in-built  in the ancient Monastery of the thirteenth century, where in addition to several services, you can enjoy an incredible Spa under medieval vaults.


What clothing and footwear is recommended? 

Comfortable and sporty. The Historic Garden Park is a natural space and as such, there are areas that can be somewhat abrupt. That is why it is important to wear shoes that hold your feet well. In addition, the route is long, so it is recommended to feel comfortable.

It is worth bearing in mind that the temperature in the Historic Garden Park is always a bit lower, especially when it is not midsummer, warm clothes are recommended, but it will depend on the season.

What do I have to do upon arrival?

Ticket offices are located next to the souvenir shop. There they will inform you of all the necessary details for your visit and you will be given a map of Monasterio de Piedra and its facilities.

In case you arrive to stay at the Hotel, you will find Reception down the great staircase that is right next to the entrance porches of the souvenir shop.

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