What would you take with you as a souvenir?


In our shop you can choose from a wide variety of items: from typical details, to original and different pieces, including fun gadgets and interesting books and publications about the environment.


If you like to explore true traditional flavours in your trips, we have a wide range of local Aragonese products, among which you can find wines of the D.O. Calatayud, handmade pastry or natural honey from local beekeepers.


And there is no better place to discover a new dimension of chocolate than here, where it became so important. As history tells us, it was in the Monasterio de Piedra where, for the first time, cocoa was cooked in Europe. Since then it became an essential in the Cistercian monks diet. In the shop you will find a selected variety of chocolates with different flavour combinations that will surely surprise you… don’t forget to check them out when you visit.


We are sure that in this nice and cozy shop you will find the perfect present for those you love most.


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