Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the Monastery can I visit?

The old Church and the Cloister with all its dependencies,among others.

In one of these dependencies, the Refectory, you will find the exact replica of the triptych reliquary of Monasterio de Piedra, a Mudejar Gothic jewel of the XIVth century,the original of which is in the Royal Academy of History” in Madrid.

In the Conventual kitchen you will find an exhibition of the history of chocolate since, according to legend, the delicious cocoa was introduced in Europe thanks to a monk of this monastery and in this same kitchen, the first cup of cocoa in the old continentwas prepared.

You will also visit the old cellaror winery of the monks, still with its original structure, today transformed into a Wine Museum.

Our guides offer a detailed tour through the old Church, the Cloister and its spaces, but there are other rooms in the Monastery that you may also discover if you decide to eat in the Restaurant Reyes de Aragon (enabled in the old monks dormitory), or to stay in the beautiful three star Hotel, built in the same building of the Monastery.



What is the Park of the Monasterio de Piedra?

Designed by man, but created by the Piedra River, it is an enclosed space that offers an unforgettable walk of approximately two hours, following the river and its streams, through spectacular waterfalls and abundant vegetation of exceptional diversity.

Ancient trees are home of countless species of fauna and flora, in a surprising ecosystem full of life.

It’s about a3km walk through roads, trails and bridges, where you go up, and then down to find striking waterfalls as the impressive Cola de Caballo (more than 50m tall),through which you can descend from the inside, across the almost magicalIris Cave.

It is a path of low-medium difficulty, but you have all day to do it cause you can go in and out the park with your ticket, anytime. That will allow you to eat something and get some strenght, cause in the Park it is not permited to enter food.

In the Park you will also find vending drink machines and children’splaying areas.

And besides the walk through this dreamplace at your own pace, the visit to the Park includes a Birds of Prey Exhibition in which you will discover the exciting nature of these birds and their contribution to the environment. 


Can I go only for a day or better if Ispend all weekend?

You can go only for a day, and even just make a stop on your way to somewhere else. Facilities include two free parking areas (unsupervised), restaurants, bars, cafeteria with terrace, souvenir shop, children’s playground and vending machines among others, so that you have everything you need quick and easy.

But if you decide to come and spend a few days, you will discover the magic of this place and all its tranquility and comfort even more,staying in the Hotel enabled inside the XIIIth century Monastery building. In addition to all of its amenities, you can enjoy a spectacular Spa under medieval vaults.


What cloth and footwear are recommended?

Comfortable and casual. The Park is a natural area and as such, some parts may be a little rough, so it is important to wear a shoe that holds the foot well. In addition, the route is long, so it is recommended to be comfortable.

It is worth to note that in the Park can always chill, especially when it is not summer, so remember that. Also, some sort of bag or backpack can be very handy to carry what you need.


What do I have to do first thing I arrive?

You may go to the Ticket Office, whichis right next to the souvenir shop. There they will inform you of all the details you need for your visit and they willdeliver you a map of the Monastery and its facilities.

If you come to stay at the Hotel, you will find the Reception down the grand staircase that is right next to the entrance of the souvenir shop.